Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can you lift your sliding glass door? Even worse, can a thief lift it?

A patio door lock that will prevent a sliding glass door from being LIFTED OUT from the track. Most factory installed locks or after-market products do not solve the problem for "lift out". Criminals know how easy it is to lift a door panel out of it’s track. Don't become a victim to burglary!

Our patio door locks are great protection from break-in's, but more importantly for many - the childproof sliding door locks make sure that young ones don't unintentionally walk out of your sliding glass door, or any door for that matter! So many toddlers have wandered out a sliding door because it has an easy to open, non-child proof patio door lock within reach of small hands. Invest in the child proof sliding door locks that will protect your family and keep your children safe from danger, the  Solution!

This amazingly simple device is EASY TO INSTALL and has been testing to provide over 1000 lbs of Forced Entry Load Tension (AAMA 1303.5) verified by Hurricane Engineering & Testing, Inc. Our breakthrough design provides a sliding door lock that is virtually BURGLAR-PROOF.

Over 4 million Double Bolt patio door locks have been sold.  Read some testimonials from buyers of our door locks talking about our product. Isn't it time you took advantage of this great way tosliding door locks increase safety guard yourself and your family?