Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here in Florida, our biggest concern with unsecured doors is not burglary, but the safety of our small children.  We hear about it in the news consistently; toddlers wondering outside through locked doors that they, themselves, were able to open and walk through.

The reason that this is such a big concern is because a majority of homes have pools, as well as busy streets.  Some pools have child-protective screens, and many do not have any child-proofing whatsoever.  We all know that it only takes a few moments for a child to wonder outside into your pool area and accidentally drown, or out into the busy street.

SafeSlider Door Locks can help alleviate these type of problems and help to child-proof your sliding glass doors as well as other doors in your home.  Invest in the child proof sliding door locks that will protect your family and keep your children safe from danger!

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