Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SafeSlider - The best choice for sliding door locks

With summer closing in quickly here in the South, and especially Florida, homeowners need to take the time to ensure that they have the best door locks installed for preventing your children and grandchildren from unlocking the patio door and slipping into the family pool or busy street.  SafeSlider can help!

It is also the time of year that home burglaries occur.  Safeguarding your home from burglars helps to give you peace of mind at night, and while you are away.  SafeSlider is your answer to virtually burglar-proof door locks  in your home.

SafeSlider Door Locks are easy to install or installation is available upon request.

Give SafeSlider a call today at 407-947-7069 for more information or visit us at http://safeslider.com/safeslider.html to see our newest designs and colors available.

SafeSlider is considered "The Best Sliding Door Locks Available"  and we are now looking for new distributors in other parts of Florida and the USA.  If you are interested in becoming a new distributor for SafeSlider, visit us at: http://www.safeslider.com/becomeadealer.html to fill out a request or follow the links in this article.  Have a safe and happy summer!


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